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01 September 2011

Third golf tournament of Golf Club Bulgaria and Forton

The day is sunny,
even hot....But it didn’t stop the golf lovers to show their best
and to compete in the third golf tournament of Golf club Bulgaria.

date is 28.08.2011, the place is Pirin Golf & Country Club, the reason is
the third golf tournament of the series of “Golf Club Bulgaria and Forton International”
and the goal is to win in the competition of 18 holes.

series of the tournaments is more than impressive for golfers and partners. The
participants that took part in the event were 78 and twenty of them were new
golfers, future champions.

division A ( handicap to 12.4 ) first place was for Nevyan Simeonov with 78
strokes “ gross” and 68 strokes “net”. Second ranked Lubomir Kostov who is one
of the talents in golf with 81 strokes “
gross” and 76 strokes “ net”. Just with few strokes more Alexander Evtimov won
third place with 87 strokes “gross” and 79 strokes “net”.

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Пирин Голф & Кънтри Клуб е част от група компании