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Buggy & Driving Rules

1. Please take extreme caution when crossing the main roads to access the golf course and follow all traffic signs. Please drive carefully and sensibly, especially down steep gradients.

 2. Stop the carts at least 10 meters away from greens and tee boxes.

3. Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have a valid automobile license or provisional license to drive a golf buggy.

 4. Operating instructions for the buggies must be read and obeyed when using the golf buggies.

5. Members and guests are liable for any personal injury or property damage that occurs from the use of the buggy assigned to their name. The cost of repair of a golf buggy in the event of damage will be charged to that member or guest.

 6. Buggies must be returned to the Club House immediately after finishing around. Members or guests failing to do so may be fined by the management. Violation of the buggy rules may lead to loss of playing privileges and removal from the course without refund.
  • All property walls surrounding the golf course
  • The stone walls in holes 5, 11 and 15
  • Any rock faces, natural or man-made
Protection of Young Trees and Shrubs
  • Staked and specifically tagged trees and shrubs
  • All newly-planted trees under one club length in height.

Penalty for breach of local rules: Match Play—Loss of hole, Stroke Play—2 Strokes


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