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Golf school

Pirin Golf & Country Club started the junior golf program in 2009.

After a short winter holiday, the children from the region will resume the golf trainings at the end of March and will have the chance to achieve success on international level.

The team of Pirin Golf & Country Club organizes the trainings for children twice a week in 2016.


Participants: Kids for 8 to 17 years old can take part in the golf trainings.

Transport: Pirin Golf will cover the transport expenses from Razlog to the complex.

Competitions: Participants in the junior golf school will have the chance to take part in golf competitions- for advanced or beginners' golfers. The best golfers will compete as a team of Pirin Golf & Country Club.

Caddy: For the most enthusiastis kids- you will have the chance to play together with Hristo Stoychkov, Daniel Borimirov, James Worlick and so on.

Golf equipment: The golf club will take care of the golf equipment of the kids, branded with the company logo.

For you, parents: Dear parents, please let your kids to experience the best summer they’ve ever had. Don’t be afraid to make them happy and independent– a team of proven professionals will take care of them.

Enjoy your time at Pirin Golf!

Пирин Голф & Кънтри Клуб е част от група компании