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Golf membership

All of you have the chance to join Pirin Golf & Country Club as a member. You can practice and play golf in the beautiful mountain resort.



We offer different types of annual subscriptions, so you can choose the one you need.

1. Full subscription membership - click here.

2. Pay & Play membership - click here.

3. Junior membership - click here.

4. Weekdays membership - click here.

5. Membership for ladies - click here.

6. Аnnual membership " Green card"- click here.

7. Annual membership "Beginner" - click here.

Special Christmas and New Year's discounts are now available for selected membership types! Offers will be valid till 28.02.2018!
More information about the discounts here!


For more information about our memberships, please contact:

 Е. marketing@piringolf.bg