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Golf membership

 Golf Memberships at a European Tour Destination 

Pirin Golf & Country Club is now part of European Tour Properties. The members of the club will be able to play at a preferential price at the 28 other venues of the European Tour Properties. Discover the courses here: (28 venues, 21 countries, 3 continents). 

We take the pleasure to invite you to become a member at our Golf Club. Take advantage of the variety of Memberships (7 options) and multiple benefits that we offer. Take part in golfing competitions, receive special discounts and get access to exclusive members-only privileges. Join our community of like-minded members and enjoy our facilities to the fullest.



We offer different types of annual subscriptions. Choose from: 

1. Full subscription membership - click here.

2. Pay & Play membership - click here.

3. Junior membership - click here.

4. Weekdays membership - click here.

5. Membership for ladies - click here.

6. Аnnual membership " Green card"- click here.

7. Annual membership "Beginner" - click here.

For more information about our memberships, please contact: Е. marketing@piringolf.bg


Пирин Голф & Кънтри Клуб е част от група компании