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Golf Professionals

Scott Goldie comes from “The Home of Golf,” Scotland, and is a fully qualified PGA Golf Professional, and a qualified Neuro Linguistic Psychology Sports practitioner.

Scott started playing golf in Scotland at age 7, and was a Golf Professional at age 18.  Scott has been coaching golf for over 25 years and has successfully taught people from every level ofgolfing ability from beginner to professional player. He brings with him a wealth of international coaching experience having worked coaching golf at various golf clubs& resorts in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, Germany & Switzerland. He is a dedicated golf coach, and has highlighted his coaching career by seeing three of his regular students graduate as PGA Golf Professionals. 

Scott believes every golfer can improve their game, and the real understanding and enjoyment in golf is being the best you can be. He sees potential in everyone he teaches, and feels that everyone can make the correct adjustments in their essential playing skills either Technically, Physically,or Mentallythat ensure they get the full lifetime benefits and enjoyment that is given by learning the game of golf.

This is Scott s first time in Bulgaria, and he hopes to learn the Bulgarian language. He also speaks fluent German, as well as English.

 Scott Goldie
Golf Professional