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Academy activities

 The courses are tailored according to the skills of the golf players and focus on seven important areas, which are evaluated, trained and improved:

1. C-swing video analyzing system- The system for video analysis C-swing evaluates and helps improve the players´ swing.

2. Fitting- Our fitting experts check the players´ equipment in order to determine if it could contribute to improving their performance.

3. Short game- The players´ weaknesses and strengths are assessed on our terrain for short game where they receive individual training directions.

4. SAM Putt Lab- The SAM Putt Lab is the most up-to-date equipment for analyzing and training putt shots, which are registered by an ultrasound and used for the calculation of 28 values. Then the necessary corrections for stabilizing the movements are made on the basis of this data.

5. Fitness- Our physiotherapist examines your movements, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, and prepares an outcome-oriented training program for improvement of the swing. Furthermore, the players are familiarized with a warming-up program.

6. Tactics- Professional golf instructors explain the rules of golf and tactical aspects during the game.

7. Mental stability- The routine of your strokes will be developed and improved, which will give you the opportunity to achieve excellent results during both trainings and tournaments.



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