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Holes description- B


Hole 1

A short par 4 to start. A well placed tee shot through the two trees should eliminate the danger of crossing the stream on the second shot. With the large green it's fairly easy to escape the green side bunker.









Hole 2

A nice downhill par 4. The bunkers on the right might be a safer option than flirting with the stream on the left.










Hole 3

 A relatively tame Par 4provided that you can hit it straight and avoid all the bunkers. The whole green is slopping to the right, which makes stopping to the left quite difficult.









Hole 4

A good Par 3. Do not be too frightened of the stream and waterfall on the right or you could end up in the bunkers on the right. Here the club choice depends on the wind, which most often blows from the front.









Hole 5

It is not a long hole, but getting to the green in two shots, depends hardly on the tee shot, so take the club that you feel most confident with. Aim your second shot to the right side of the green.










Hole 6

This short Par 3 is a good chance to better your score.











Hole 7

Strange and very interesting Par 4. If you want to play it safe plan your tee shot to the corner of the fairway, and you will get to the green in two. The bravest try to get to the green from the tee, good luck to them.










Hole 9

Splendid Par 4 which is fascinating even for the most exacting golfers. Enjoy it.











Hole 10

A tricky par 4 to start the back 9. Watch out for the stream, which crosses the hole twice requiring you to play both your drive and approach over water.













Hole 11

A long par 4. What you see is what you get with this hole – no tricks just hit it long and straight.










Hole 12

Into the wind this par 3 plays much longer than it looks. Watch out for the cavernous greenside bunkers, which are not easy to escape from.











Hole 13

Short par 4 to play with drive into the wind. For chip shot try to play over the 3 bunkers to the left of the fairway.











Hole 14

A medium length par 4. Stay left for the shortest carry over the stream. The raised green falls away steeply at the back so be careful not to over-hit your second shot or you will have a very tough shot back.










Hole 15

A daunting over water par 3. The only lake on the back 9 guards the green on this good length par 3, so make sure you get a clean strike.











Hole 16

The first par 5 on the back 9. Into the wind it is tough, but on a good day still requires a good couple of hits if you are looking to pick up a shot or two.












Hole 17


A slightly downhill mid length par 4. This hole normally plays downwind and a good drive should set up a relatively easy short iron over the stream and up to the raised green.









 Hole 18

A very birdieable Par 5. Provided you can avoid the bunkers, it is possible to reach the green in twp and set yourself up fo a good finish.




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