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Pirin Golf & Country Club offers different types of advertising in the golf complex- unique resort, wonderful environment and you can have a lot of advantages if advertising in the mountain resort.


Branding of a roll banner at the Club House












 Branding of a highway billboard on main road - Blagoevgrad - Bansko region







 Branding of a billboard at complex Pirin Golf & Country CLub







 Branding of banners on the course






 Branding of the Driving Range






 Branding of an electric golf buggy








 Branding of a flag in front of the Club House of Pirin Golf & Country Club







 Branding of pin flags on the golf courses






 Branding of information boards of the tee boxes






 Branding of a pin position ball cup








 Branding of a rake stand on the course






 Branding of the tee markers on each tee box






 Branding of golf balls







 Branding of driving range golf balls







 Branding of a scorecard






 Branding of a sticker for sponsors'   and partners' boards





 Branding of magnetic stickers for results boards





 Branding of a sticker for a decorative wall used during awarding ceremony.









 Photo & Video clips shown on our inside TV channel

Пирин Голф & Кънтри Клуб е част от група компании