Chalet districts

* District 1 consists of 13 chalets and is located close to the Wellness center and Pirin Golf Hotel & SPA. If you are looking to purchase a property for an investment this is the ideal district.
* District 2 is formed of 14 chalets close to the main entrance of the resort and secluded in the pine forest.
* District Pirin II / K2 is formed of 24 chalets and occupies a large area close to the Downtown area.
*District 16 was the first in the complex with 17 chalets. This first chalets gave the start and helped to develop and improve our concept of Malina, Twin and Mountain chalets in Pirin Golf & Country Club.
* District 18 consists of 8 chalets, located in the forest and overlooking the Pirin Pine golf course.
* District 19 consists of 6 chalets and is located near the Club House.
* District 20 is located near the Club House and is formed of 5 chalets.
* District 22 is formed of 13 chalets and is located at the east side of the resort offering privacy and tranquility.
* District 27 consists of 24 chalets offering privacy and great views of the golf course and mountains.

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Pirin Golf
Pirin Golf

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